Heart-to-Heart: 80 Conversation Starters for Kids
Heart-to-Heart: 80 Conversation Starters for Kids

Heart-to-Heart: 80 Conversation Starters for Kids

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Imagine for a moment that your child has done something they aren't proud of. Or that they have a hidden fear. Now imagine that they come to you and tell you all about it. 

It is a beautiful gift when our children share their hearts and minds with us -- and it's something we want to foster before and during their teenage years. 

Ensuring that your relationship with your child is one of open communication takes conscious effort, especially as your kids get older, and grudgingly answer questions about their day with monosyllables.

While conversation starters aren't the only way to encourage open communication, they can be an important piece of the puzzle.

These questions are designed to get to know your child on an even deeper level and to discuss things you might not think about otherwise -- things about resiliency, critical thinking, and emotions.

Contents: This is a printable PDF. Instantly download, print, and get started today! 

  • 80 Printable Conversation Starters in 6 sections:
    • Questions to Know Their Heart: Get to Know Your Child Even Better!
    • Questions to Encourage Gratitude and Optimistic Thinking
    • Questions to Foster a Resilient Mindset
    • Questions to Develop Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
    • Questions to Foster Emotional Growth
    • Questions for Laughter: Fun and Funny
    • Questions to Fill Your Family Cup: Favorites!
  • A few blank cards to write your own questions! 
  • Love and gratitude 

There is really no more beautiful gift than holding space for your child's thoughts and fears, dreams, and theories. Hold that space for your child's heart and mind.